SRLS – Simplified SRL 2018 : what is it and how opens 

Open a limited liability company simplified ( simplified srl) with reduced costs, capital of 1 euro, facilitation for young people introduced by  Decree on State releases of Monti, becomes simpler and less expensive as are introduced some news about precisely to minimum capital to be subscribed and paid at the time of the constitution, in addition to some accomplishments and facilities both in the management both in the bureaucratic procedures.
The Decree on deregulation of Monti modifies the civil code in the part relating to the fifth book seventh chapter dedicated to the limited liability company by introducing a new form of simplified SRL.

What is the simplified SRL

To all the effects is a legal entity in the same way as a common SRL only that for its constitution will take a minimum capital to subscribe symbolic and equal to a euro, I repeat 1 eurosubject to certain requirements and comuqnue with lower capital to 9.999 euros that will be fully subscribed and paid up. The share capital will be formed only money not   being able to  also provide the contribution in kind, opera or buildings or other goods or different service.

The novato Article 2463-bis of the Civil Code introduces the possibility of setting up a limited liability company simplified with a minimum share capital of between EUR 1 and 10 thousand.

Who can open the simplified SRL

Up to the original version of the standard not everyone could access the simplified scheme and facilitated the simplified SRL in fact was established that could open a srl only natural persons who at the date of the constitution have less than 35 years of age. However fortunately was exceeded this prediction and hence the obligation and the age limit no longer exists.

As opens the simplified SRL

The ordinary SRL where you assess costs , the so-called costs of plant and enlargement namely the costs of the Constitution relating to sometimes salted parcels within the notary who could go from 1500 to 3000, or 40000 euro for a srl with minimum share capital here we are faced with the abolition of the provision of the public act for its constitution thus eliminating in addition to the request for the initial financing of capital even the invoice of the notary. This also applies to the subsequent modifications of the statute that does not need more of the public act by the notary being sufficient communication for all the offenses of a simple (from which the name of the new SRL) telematic communication to the register of undertakings by the procedure of the wake or other procedures made available by the legislator tax and by the financial administration.

For what concerns the drafting of the Constitutive act and of the Statute the shape of the public act in this case is a standard form issued by the decree 138 of 2012.

Enrolment in the register of companies

In addition to the conclusion of the Constitutive Act and to the opening of the Vat Number you will need to also perform the registration in the register of undertakings that in cases of an ordinary srl will be subjects△ to payment of stamp duties and rights of secretariats while in these cases will be exempt and the fees of the notary must be equal to zero and  limited to the payment of the registration fee.

In summary : mail log: 168 euro; (variable according to the province): about 200 euro; fee CC.GG. endorsement social books: 309,87 euro.

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