• Accounting Assistance

Advice and assistance in all those economic processes in all those economic processes regarding direct and indirect taxes: sealing of ordinary accounting and simplified, drafting of statements, EEC budgets, inventories, bookkeeping mandatory, sealing the VAT registers, the register assets, budget analysis * and business plan * .

  • Tax Assistance

Single individuals, partnerships and limited companies, inclusive of VAT returns, IRAP, field studies or parameters, mod. 730, MOD. 770, F24, data communication, VAT Intrastat models, telematic communication letters of intent, communication VAT Black List declaration ICI. (Municipal tax real estate).

  • Corporate Advice And Contractual

Consulting in the areas of company law: constitution, change and dissolution of any type of company, ratios between  the members and/or between members and society and/or between companies and social members. Advice for the examination or the provision of contracts of any nature, typical and atypical, in respect of the legal system and the special needs of contractors.

  • Budegets And Revision*

Advice and assistance in the formation of budgets of any type (also consolidated and group) in full respect of the civil code, the accounting principles and the tax rules, including analysis and preparation of accounting tools of verification, and planning.

  • Business Consulting & Payroll

The performance for  companies, provide advice directed to the planning, organization and directional control and strategic activities. It is also possible to carry out market research directed to the analysis and comparison assets and economic with competitors and in the examination of niches and competitive areas. We assist you from the initial phase of the working relationship with your staff, taking care of all aspects of the contract of employment by the worker and paying particular attention to the research of the different forms of recruitment facilitated that contain the business cost. We take care of the processing of the paycheck and assist you in all the contractual obligations, administrative, social security contributions, tax and labor required by law and by the NCEC.

  • Drafting Business Plan*

Business Plan related to invest funding practices at banking institutions and various funds including community, international tax planning, international contracts (for example: licenses trademarks, patents and know-how; finance; leasing and franchising) and the application of bilateral agreements (elimination or reduction of withholding taxes) and the EU directives on dividends, interest and royalties, recognition of the credit for taxes paid abroad, currency support, customs, logistics, business consulting and trade unions abroad, updating mailing list, related consultancy services to Italian laws and foreign for the financing of exports or imports. Establishment of joint- ventures, programs of commercial penetration participation International competitions. We can also take care of the EU funding and International, of the study, design, and luggage, all over the world, patents and trademarks.

  • Relocations Italian Companies

Studio Gullì acquired a concrete experience in this field because we have made the relocation of several Italian companies, managing to lower costs of production and the other by establishing a base in new markets, usually in countries where the process of industrialization is not yet particularly developed. In practice, the business of offshore production enjoy the benefits of the new location. For example: different working conditions, favorable tax conditions, simplification of the legislation, proximity to raw materials, we follow companies that relocated the production in China, India, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Canton Ticino, Brazil and Panama. We have contacts in Australia, Canada, which are countries that at this moment are economically very well.

  • Successions

Determination balance sheet of the hereditary axis, legitimate heirs or testamentary. Preparation and presentation of the declaration of succession. Counts taxes, transfer registrations of immovable property, support and advice in hereditary succession.

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