If you are looking for a professional and reliable accounting firm that is always up-to-date on the tax rules, here you have probably found the right one for you!

That Is Why…

STUDIO GULLI‘ Associated Accountants is specialized in tax assistance, accounting, online taxes and is able to support any company or person with an entrepreneurial idea that needs the assistance of experienced professionals to be realized.

In particular, we are always available to fully support the activities of our customers giving them our services:

  • Assistance Service
  • Tax Assistance
  • Business Consulting
  • Constitution  company
  • Balance Sheet and Audits
  • Relocation

What we can do for your Business ? Who We Are and Why You Can Trust us!

Our study of accountants is active ac for many years in the field of tax advice and accounting Online, with many satisfied customers throughout Italy. In this moment of crisis and fiscal pressure is even more important to rely on a study of Accountants offering ethical and professional but above all that, in case of need, know how to be by your side regardless of parcel.

It’s easy: you can discover the convenience and importance of having your team of accounting experts. Call us without hesitation, the call is without any commitment on your part and if we add to your contacts on Skype, the video call will also be free. If you need to evaluate comfortably in peace from home or office, you can request your quote for free without any commitment via the dedicated contact form that you will find on the contact page.

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