Why Relocate

Italy in recent years has been swept away like other European countries through a deep crisis that has generated instability and weakness. The limits of finance are in the center of the world debate. Our country in the face of this gray scenario has not been able fully to leverage on their strengths as the made initaly, creativity, craftsmanship, features that make us unique in the world. These values, which are the pin of the italian identity could be revitalised, we help our customers to be able to exploit their strengths.

In this context help companies to relocate all or part of their production and one of our main objectives as in a system where the market is blocked by modernist logic, where the tax burden and the stars, where the cost of labor is high compared with other European areas, where with the technical government fiscal pressure and jumped to the stars bringing our country to the sad world record of 55 %, where for the most part of the firms to obtain credit and loans from the banks became impossible. The combines¬to disposed of economic crisis, ra¬operation of the credit and delays in payments, has struck hard¬mind the business fabric italian, and in particular small and medium-sized companies. Therefore arises spontaneously wonder why an italian entrepreneur, must continue to hold its companies in this country?

Therefore arises spontaneously wonder why an italian entrepreneur, must continue to hold its companies in this country? The relocation is the latest development of Italian capitalism, by pandering the strong momentum of industrial countries and emerging areas such as China, Brazil, Eastern Europe, prefers transfer abroad its national production, where the cost of labor is lower than even the 75% with respect to pays a italian workman. The basic infrastructure are not often at the height of a European country, even as our own, but the rules of the market and the labor and certainly more free, less rigid especially on the plane of statutory auditors. We followed the relocation of some Italian companies lowering, on the one hand, the costs of production and on the other hand by establishing a base in new markets, usually in countries where the process of industrialization is not yet particularly developed. In practice, the business of offshore production enjoy the benefits offered by the new location: different working conditions, favorable tax conditions, simplification of the legislation, proximity to raw materials.

We can help you in the provision of facilities and advice for the establishment of offshore companies to private and corporate clients, in a context of absolute law, we are present in many continents with a team of lawyers, consultants, technicians.

No preference of one country rather than another,  the choice of jurisdiction must be based on your needs, we are able to anticipate every change on the international scenario and to act accordingly in the interest of the customer, confidential report and total confidentiality,  your desires and goals are our.

We are still companies that relocated the production in China, India, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Canton Ticino (Switzerland), and in Brazil and Panama. We have contacts in Australia and Canada, which are countries that at this time must be very well economically.

Penetration in foreign markets

We promote and support the commercial activities abroad of Italian companies… There we facilitate access, with state-of-the-art technology, initiatives and .assistance in commercial penetration of foreign markets.

It’s important to say first of all that without proper planning the chances of success will be greatly reduced. The drafting of a good plan of export constitutes the basis for every success in the international field. Not always companies linger to analyze the various alternatives available to enter in a foreign country, yet they should do so is because the alternatives which are potentially available are very numerous, both undertake an activity of export allows you to seize an important set of opportunities for development and prosperity for the company. Some are easily identifiable and relate the results obtainable in the short and medium term in terms of business volume and contribution. Others are less immediate but equally important: refer to the development of the company in the medium to long term, to increase its competitiveness and of the possibility to build barriers against competition.

• Increase the turnover. Is the most obvious benefit and more immediate: your company sales depend both on the competitiveness of the company itself, both by the size of the market to which it is addressed. Undertake an export activity therefore allows the company to extend their market base.

• Increase the profits. If the entity of the additional sales obtainable on the market abroad is such as not to significantly affect fixed costs, these sales will increase the overall profitability of the company.

• Economie of scale. When the activity abroad ceases to be a marginal part of the overall activities of the un-dertaking, this initiates a process of growth in terms of size, supported by the growth of the market base, which allows access to new financial resources and to exploit the advantages of cost relating to size (economies of scale).

• Risk diversification. The export reduces the dependence of the enterprise from a single market, allowing it to overcome any periods of recession which might strike the individual markets.

• The possibility of access to new ideas and experiences. Operate on different markets allows you to come in-to contact with new realities, new ways of working, new ideas of success that can be transposed and used both on the Italian market, both on the other markets of reference.

• Response to globalisation. The increasing globalisation of the markets means that no company can afford to remain closed in its own market: if we are not to compete on foreign markets, will sooner or later be foreign companies to come to compete with us on the Italian market. The experience of the competition on the inter-national market, carefully designed and managed under the best conditions, enables companies to build their financial means and the managerial skills, to compete with foreign competitors also on the domestic market.

• Increase of competitiveness on the domestic market. As already said, sales depend both on the size of the market of reference, both from the competitiveness of the company against competitors. The characteristics necessary for companies to compete on international markets, experience, skills and resources acquired, will constitute an important competitive advantage against those companies that restrict their area of activity to the Italian market.

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